Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Cosmic Classrooms With ZaZar

Come join an experiential classroom taught by ZaZar. Together with a community of lightworkers and consciousness seekers, be prepared to spread your wings as you take flight into higher-cosmic awareness and Fifth Dimensional experiences. ZaZar's compassion, love and wisdom are unprecedented as he masterfully reveals the splendor and truth of our multidimensional selves. These intimate conversations about Ascension are magical and filled with the wonder and joy of the cosmos.
Classrooms are held monthly via Zoom
Fee: $25

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Meditative Experiential Journeys with ZaZar

Unite in a group meditative journey as ZaZar guides an awe-inspiring cosmic adventure each month. His unconditional love and commitment to Ascension is a true gift felt through these experiences in the invisible realms. Each excursion expands understanding of your cosmic magnificence so that the constraints of Third Dimensional reality can be surrendered as you peer into the depths of soul.
Journeys are held monthly via Zoom. $20

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Guidance And Healing With ZaZar

Discover amazing insights into your soul matrix, incarnation histories and timelines relevant to your current life and mission. Simply being with ZaZar’s high-vibrational Sixth Dimensional frequency has a remarkable way of dissolving blocks and debris that may hamper cosmic/soul actualization. These sessions facilitate enormous soul expansion, mission clarification and frequency upgrades. Plan to be transformed as you meld into the magic of your magnificent Higher Self.
Sessions take place in person or via Zoom.
Fee: $250 for a 90-minute session. Contact Diane at [email protected] to book a session.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Cosmic Consciousness & Contact

SEV facilitates monthly gatherings and intensive retreats to enable heartfelt conscious contact with extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations utilizing consciousness-expanding technology, community cohesiveness and heart-centered group techniques. Although contact with advanced beings is an important facet of our work, evolving the multidimensional aspects of consciousness and sharing this in a safe, authentic and positive framework with the global community is the ultimate mission.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Tachyon Chamber

Come experience the tachyon chamber, a special place where the energy of tachyon particles is concentrated in a way that causes the entire room to emit tachyon energy. Tachyon particles are faster than light and have profound effects on the human body and energy field. Sessions range from 30-60 minutes and work directly with your DNA, increasing harmony and reducing emotional and physical imbalances. Relax in a comfortable recliner with a tachyon chamber pyramid and generator suspended overhead. This creates a tachyon portal to the 12th dimension directly streaming tachyon energy into the body, resulting in effects of profound healing and increased clarity!

Sessions range from 30-60 minutes.
Contact Diane at [email protected] to book a session.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Community Retreats

SEV offers retreats and gatherings to create and experience a Fifth Dimensional community of unity, harmony and love. The communal experiential technology intensifies and expedites the shift in heart awareness, higher consciousness and the resounding joy in gathering together in celebration of our Oneness. These retreats bring hope, faith and renewed fortitude in realizing that the human race can create a shift in Community Consciousness and Global Transformation.

ZaZar Led Retreats

Marilyn and ZaZar are also offering  weekend retreats where gathering in a loving and resonant  community  intensifies and expedites the shift in heart awareness and higher consciousness. ZaZar has an amazing ability to immediately bring us into magical and magnetic frequencies that catapult us into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. 

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Ascension Coaching

It is a beautiful time of awakening in the human race, where we realize that higher consciousness is our greatest gift. Being on a spiritual path of awakening requires enormous inner work and debris clearing. Our human beliefs and programs shroud the diamond light of our soul and require reflection and release so our light can shine. Diane utilizes her gifts of intuitive sight to see the highest version of you and beautifully reflects that for you to feel and see. Being held with deep compassion, understanding and encouragement is the fuel for Ascension. Book a session today and feel the magic of higher frequencies begin to open corridors to an extraordinary you! Fee: $150 per session.
Contact Diane at [email protected] to book a session.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Crystal Healing Energy And Bodywork

These sessions are uniquely designed for each person. Jennifer uses hands-on bodywork, dynamic energy work in conjunction with vibrational tuning forks, crystals and crystal singing bowls to open chakra centers, bringing balance, alignment and freedom to manifest the soul's true mission in this lifetime.

As ZaZar says, "Everything is frequency and vibration in the dance of the Universe." Creating high, pure vibrations through the use of tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls and actual crystals invites you to entrain with these powerful frequencies during your session. This bathes your body in a sea of infinite possibilities for healing. Crystals are placed directly on your body, further expanding this opening and integration. Come experience this rejuvenation and support for your journey.
For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Jen at [email protected]

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Yoga For Ascension

Yoga For Ascension: Pathway To Higher Consciousness
Our planet Earth is currently experiencing a major transformation that is facilitating consciousness expansion like never before. Our bodies are incredible, experiential playgrounds for exploring new frequency templates beyond the 3D. Learning to use the body, mind and breath as pathways to consciousness evolution is the purpose of Yoga for Ascension.
The yogic masters understood yoga's practice for higher consciousness and to increase one's ability to hold more light. Yoga for Ascension builds upon this ancient wisdom by helping practitioners to remember and feel their cosmic and Fifth Dimensional selves. The practice of yoga is a potent springboard for elevating one's frequency and light quotient. It is during these higher frequency experiences that our higher selves whisper guidance and connect us with the invisible realms where true magic and transcendence lie.

These classes introduce the student to Ascension principals and experiences based on these core beliefs:

1. The body holds strong programs of diminishment that can be released through yoga postures and breath work creating a sense of buoyancy and vertical rise.
2. Quieting of the mind allows the flow of the High Heart, opening up one’s feeling of magnificence.
3. Integrating body, mind, heart and soul creates a portal for entering higher states of consciousness and remembrance.
4. Having non-separation or unity experiences, while remaining embodied, are the keys to planetary and personal ascension.

These classes are offered virtually via Zoom and/or can be purchased pre-recorded.
Contact Diane at [email protected] for more information.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

Quantum Healing Hypnotic Past Life Regression

Diane Saunders, LCSW, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner
A quantum healing session is a journey into your soul matrix and multidimensional self. The very nature of being human produces amnesia for other lives we have lived, thereby sealing these corridors for exploration and integration. Quantum healing techniques can open these channels for the most amazing and life-changing wisdom. We are multifaceted beyond our imagination and possess a depth of consciousness that is magnificent. This hypnosis technique facilitates the quieting of the conscious mind opening the hallways to other lives and the cosmic higher self.
Come experience a level of healing and expansion that connects you with more of who you are on a soul level. The soul holds so many codes, essences and gifts that are important for one's current life and purpose. These sessions are life-changing as direct experience is the key to all consciousness expansion and ascension.

Fee: $350 per session.
Contact Diane at [email protected] to book a session.


Star Seed Academy for the New Dawn (S.A.N.D.)

Join a monthly classroom with other young adults who need guidance and help bringing their star seeded selves to Earth in service. A star seed is an individual with deep spiritual wisdom who has arrived from other solar systems or star constellations to Earth to share light knowledge and wisdom for planetary transformation. These humans have had more incarnations off planet than on and often feel like they don't belong. Other signs include: a desire to be of service, wisdom seeking, unusual sensory and psychic abilities, empathic connections with all living things and a deep interest in metaphysics and non religious spirituality. Star seeds have volunteered to come to Earth during these difficult times and have the ability to bring in the new dawn and ascended template.

Our mission at the Sanctuary is to provide teaching and support to young adults who identify as star seeds so they can be held with love, high regard and witnessing of their magnificence and cosmic gifts. We can awaken and remember who we are when held in a safe and loving community. The time is now and the Earth needs your help!

Contact Diane for more information at [email protected] or (518) 567-7315.