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Cosmic Consciousness & Contact

We are a group making regular conscious contact with extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations and our Fifth Dimensional cosmic selves using consciousness expanding technology, community cohesiveness and heart-centered group techniques to enhance not only ET contact, but human Ascension. Our community is guided by the cosmic wisdom, love and teachings of ZaZar, a 6th Dimensional ET Being (channeled by Marilyn Gewacke). We are fortunate to have this beautiful being who exponentiates both our journey within and communication with our Star family.

Our contact protocols originate from the belief that heart connection and consciousness expansion, in community with one another, opens a safe, loving and peaceful portal to our galactic family. Through powerful heart-opening and mind-quieting techniques, including visualization, meditation and toning, we align our intention, increase our vibration and build our cohesiveness as a loving community. As our community becomes loving, peaceful and coherent, a channel in the heart opens that highly-conscious extraterrestrials can feel and utilize to communicate and become apparent. Although contact with extraterrestrial beings is certainly an important aspect of our work, evolving the multidimensional aspects of our own consciousness and sharing this in a heartfelt framework with the global human community is the ultimate mission. It is perhaps the most important contact experience to understand, for it teaches us that our hearts and our consciousness are our biggest resources, assets and tools for growth and transformation as a human race. We, then, have the opportunity to become the New Human Being!

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