Tachyon Chamber

What Are Tachyons?

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than the speed of light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light. Tachyon particles are collected in a technological process that infuses tachyons and permanently changes matter on a subatomic level.

Tachyon energy is streamed in from the quantum field like zero-point energy into all kinds of products and healing tools. When tachyon levels increase, harmony and clarity reign on a mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional level. It has a remarkable ability to harmonize and neutralize harmful energies that create many physical diseases and energetic imbalances in our bodies. Products imbued with Tachyon equally influence our physical body and our higher energy body, simultaneously improving our well-being and dramatically accelerating our spiritual growth.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

A Tachyon Session

Come experience the Tachyon chamber, a special place where the energy of Tachyon particles is concentrated in a way that causes the entire room to emit Tachyon energy at very high levels. Tachyons particles are faster than light and have profound effects on the human body, energy field, emotional body, and individual's mental and spiritual makeup. Tachyon works directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade the body's template.

Tachyon living chambers is unique due to the very high amount of Tachyon saturation within the chamber and the connection to the 12th Dimension Beings who flood the Tachyon into the earth through our beautiful sacred geometric pyramid and crystal generators.

Many describe the chamber as a profoundly relaxing experience of healing. Sessions range from 30-60 minutes and take you on a journey into the self. You will relax in a zero-gravity recliner chair and be bathed in tachyon energy while listening to specially chosen high-frequency music through noise-canceling headphones to enhance the experience. You will have Tachyon-living chakra cells placed on your chakras, and you will hold the Tachyon power rods. Tachyon-living power discs located within the eye mask will take you deeper into Tachyon's healing frequencies. Tachyon-living power plates and Tachyon spheres and infused crystals are placed in a specific pattern in the room. This creates an environment allowing for profound healing of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. You will emerge truly transformed from the experience.

Perhaps the most important element is the Tachyon chamber pyramid and generator suspended above the chair. The pyramid is created out of specialized alloy that holds Tachyon at its greatest concentration. This creates a Tachyon portal to the 12th dimension ... directly streaming the Tachyon energy into your entire body and down into the earth's core and ley lines. The crystal Tachyon generator is magnified by the sacred geometry plate and crystals that lie within it. True quartz crystals line the generator making this the heart of your powerful Tachyon experience. We invite you on this amazing journey.

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Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision

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Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision


The Tachyon chamber far exceeded anything I could have even imagined. I traveled out of my body and into realms I can't even explain. I was a witness to the all that is, a part of it, as if experiencing myself and everything all at once. My body tingled all night, and now, as I write this, I still can feel it. I know everyone will have a different experience, their own experience, and I feel like that is the best part... that each person will get out of it what is needed in that moment. This is an experience that I want to keep having. I am different now, I feel somehow lifted in a cosmic way, lighter and brighter.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision


My experience in the chamber was like bathing in pure consciousness. Seated in a comfy recliner with headphones and relaxing music you begin to travel and feel the tachyon energy moving throughout your body and chakras. An eye mask and 8 chakra stones facilitated this process,clearing resistances and balancing all energy bodies in the subtle realm. I left with a wonderful sense of well being and much to ponder! I highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to feel Whole again and integrated.

Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision


I immediately felt extremely calm and relaxed which allowed my body to feel a tingling effervescent movement of energy up-and-down my chakras that flowed in gentle waves. As I was bathed in this beautiful subtle energy, I started to really sink into the experience of being inside my own wisdom chambers, uncovering deeper remembrance of who I am. In my mind's eye, I experienced beautiful sacred geometry and felt my guides present during the session.
In the days that followed, I have found myself incredibly energized and "humming" with flow, movement and balance. I have been able to manage stress in a different way and I have been much more aware of the subtle realms of synchronicity in my life.