The New Human Workshops and Weekend Retreats

Join participants in a safe and loving community to explore the multidimensional aspects of being human through higher consciousness explorations and teachings.

Sacred Alignment YOGA Classes and Individual Instruction

Sacred alignment yoga is an approach that facilitates the emergence of the higher self and heart/spirit expansion through the physical practice of asanas (postures). Aligning the body, mind, heart and spirit creates a flow of healing energy that facilitates the birthing of the New Human consciousness. Classes are offered for beginners and mixed levels with themes that accelerate expansive and heartfelt living. Individual instruction is also available to address specialized healing needs.

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Consciousness and Cosmic Contact Gatherings and Retreats

An expansive heart felt group of humans learning to travel via consciousness to higher dimensions connecting with our star brothers and sisters in the cosmos. Come join us for an evening or a whole weekend to expand beyond our 3D reality 

Meditative Experiential Journeys with ZaZar through zoom  Click herefor details

Sunday's with ZaZar: lively discussions and sharing
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​Individual Services

Guidance, healing, and channeling sessions with ZaZar
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Bodywork and Energy Healing Sessions
Jennifer Westacott

Jennifer’s training and experience in massage, bodywork and Energy Diagnostics weaves an eclectic and powerful mix of bodywork modalities that is uniquely designed for each individual client. Her dynamic energy work opens the body’s chakra centers, bringing balance, alignment and freedom to manifest your soul’s blueprint. When you direct your presence inward, bringing consciousness and awareness to your inner world, it opens new, surprising avenues for healing. Jennifer has a remarkable ability to hold this healing space for her clients. 

Hypnotic Quantum Healing Past Life Regression Sessions
Diane Saunders
, C.S.W., Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner

Pioneered by Dolores Cannon, a renowned hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression, these sessions induce an individual into a deep level of trance with the aid of visualization. In this state, you are guided by your higher self to access information from past lives that has current relevance for healing in this lifetime. Spontaneous healing occurs along with steady unfolding of growth and change over time, continuing long after the session is complete. The experience of communicating with your higher self in trance is unforgettable and profound for spiritual and physical transformation.

Psycho-spiritual Guidance and Therapeutic Sessions
Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D., and Diane Saunders, C.S.W.

We invite you to come and experience conscious awakening beyond traditional therapy. We provide individual sessions where you can safely discover and heal your inner self to solve the problems and struggles in your life. You have all the answers; we are simply the guides to help you unlock the libraries of wisdom within. This work is grounded in the award-winning book,
The Oneness of Being: Birthing the New Human, by Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D.