Exploring our multidimensional selves and the power of consciousness will be crucial.  We are so much more than our bodies, minds and thoughts and need to evolve into a broader understanding of our abilities.

    We can thrive in this new world if we quiet the egoic mind and open our hearts to love, embracing all sentient beings and life forms, in spite of our differences.  We need to suspend judgments about each other and see more clearly that we are all on a path of soul evolution.

     Learning to connect and support each other during this shift in consciousness is crucial for dealing with fear and emotional upset.  We are not alone in the universe, and must connect with each other as we make this giant leap in human evolution.  It is time to reach out to our fellow human travelers with heart-centeredness and higher consciousness.

Coping Strategies

 1. Engage in techniques that expand consciousness such as meditation, inner reflection, yoga, and bodywork.

 2. Commit to love and peace as the conditions for embracing all sentient beings and life forms. This will enable us to let go of fear and resistance surrounding the Shift.

 3. Connect to established CE-5 groups and post disclosure organizations for guidance, support and resources.

 4. Create local groups that support human evolution, contact with higher consciousness Extraterrestrials and the new emerging paradigm of Disclosure.

 5. Understand that we are all beings of light and sources of Divinity.


   Disclosure is the formal admission by prominent governments of the world of their knowledge of extraterrestrials engaging with the human race. The evidence, regarding the presence of extraterrestrials, is one of the most classified and compartmentalized programs in the government and has been withheld from the public for at least 70 years.

Here are the facts:

 Advanced extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations have been interacting with the human race for the last century, and probably for thousands of years.

 Extraordinary technologies have been recovered from these ET crafts including, antigravity propulsion systems and free energy technology. Some of these innovations date back as far as Nicola Tesla (1856-1943).

 The exposure and application of this technology will have dramatic and mind blowing implications for planet Earth and all of her inhabitants. These revelations, utilizing free energy technology, will eliminate our reliance on fossil fuel, and eradicate poverty, disease and pollution. This will change all paradigms in human thinking, feeling and being.



  We envision a post disclosure world where extraterrestrial civilizations are openly and visibly engaging with humans.   Let's face it, when an ET craft lands, ET beings emerge from a craft, shake hands with humans and it is shown on the 6 o'clock news, it will be reality shattering for most of the human race! Many people struggle just to get along with their neighbors who look like us!  Imagine having a being who looks so different, arrive to interact with us?  This New reality will be overwhelming for many people who have lived with an Earthcentric view of the world. 

    Old paradigms of history, science, medicine and social/economic systems will be dismantled as we begin to understand the truth about our heritage and our capabilities.  The history of our species, our planet and the cosmos will be unveiled and this, in turn, will inspire all future paradigms to come.  The New Earth will be established, as the New Human understands unequivocally their responsibility to heal and nurture the planet on which we live.  Our extraterrestrial neighbors will share extraordinary gifts of healing and life expansion.  Technology will be beyond our current imagination and as a result, disease, poverty, wars and inequality will be a thing of the past.  Our consciousness will be incredibly accelerated and so too will our evolutionary biology, psychology and spirituality. 

   Those of us who have been making conscious contact with these evolved beings will have the opportunity to be ambassadors during this post disclosure era.   We will provide resources for those who are struggling to understand this new reality, helping to assimilate the truth that our similarities are greater than our differences. The only way we will survive as a human race is to longer operating from an egocentric view of the world. This will create an incredible paradigm shift, enabling the human species to live in a heart-centered community with higher consciousness Beings in the Universe. We will know that consciousness is the vehicle by which we will be able to join the Intergalactic race.