​​Consciousness and Cosmic Contact Collective (4C)

We are a group making regular conscious contact with extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations using consciousness expanding technology, community cohesiveness and heart centered group techniques to enhance not only ET contact, but human soul evolution.

Our contact protocols originate from the belief that heart connection and consciousness expansion, in community with one another, opens a safe, loving and peaceful portal to our galactic family.  Through powerful heart opening and mind quieting techniques including visualization, meditation, and toning, we align our intention, increase our vibration and build our cohesiveness as a loving community.   As our community becomes loving, peaceful and coherent, a channel in the heart opens that highly conscious extraterrestrials can feel and utilize to communicate and become apparent.  Although contact with extraterrestrial beings is certainly an important aspect of our work, evolving the multidimensional aspects of our own consciousness and sharing this in a heart felt framework with the global human community is the ultimate mission. It is perhaps the most important contact experience to understand, for it teaches us that our hearts and our consciousness are our biggest resources, assets and tools for growth and transformation as a human race.  We, then, have the opportunity to become the New Human Being!

Our group offers:

1-Education and instruction relevant to the disclosure movement     and ET conscious contact.

2-Consultation and experiential offerings that will help other
   contact groups utilize these heart centered and consciousness
   expansive technologies.

3-Intensive workshops and field work at our Northeast site on 33
    acres of sacred ground that is an ET sanctuary of contact
    celebration and loving community.

4-Information and guidance as to transitioning from a pre disclosure to post disclosure world.



Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer: Report on Feb 2012 Scottsdale CSETI Expedition

Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders  fill-in for Dr. Steven Greer on the Dr. Greer Show

​​Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer: Experiences of the NY CSETI Working Group

Dr Greer interviews Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders regarding the Northeast CE-5 working group


​Consciousness and Contact Nights - 2018​


Conversations with Denny Hunt, Parts 1, 2, and 3.



     "I have had contact experiences with extraterrestrials early on in my life.  Although, it wasn't until recently, I found a group of people who have had similar experiences.  I joined the group over a year ago and it has changed my life!  Once a month on a Saturday night, we all gather together to participate in ET contact, as well as to share our cosmic journeys.  Being with other like-minded people has made me feel validated with the knowledge about ETs I know to be true. When we are communicating with the ETs, we are experiencing more than telepathy.  There are feelings being conveyed as well.  The feelings are always about the most powerful form of love that exists!"

-Debbie H.

     "Doing this work has changed me in ways that continuously reverberate throughout my being.  My psychic abilities, intuition and overall awareness are all being developed and expanded, as well as my growth in being a more open, honest, loving individual.  The contact I have experienced with the group has been nothing short of fascinating and always leaves me with a sense of astonishment."

-Jefferson S.

     "I have had two UFO sightings. The first was with Marilyn and Diane and 36 attendees at the Intensive weekend in June 2014. The changes that these sightings have made in my consciousness Ia huge deepening of my capacity to love and be loved by all other forms in all other dimensions. I feel a childlike wonderment again and oneness and connectedness with all that is."

-Frolic T.

Conversation with Deb West.



​​Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer:
Human Potential and CSETI protocols

Dr Greer and Dr. Marilyn Gewacke discuss peaceful contact, human potential, and CSETI protocols​​



Conscious Evolution Radio with Ann Gelsheimer: Making Peaceful Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence

 Ann Interviews Dr. Marilyn Gewacke  & Diane Saunders 

The following dates are the upcoming contact nights in New Lebanon, NY. Please contact us for more details.

                          April 28th

                           May 26th

Annual Consciousness & Contact Retreat

                     July 13th-15th


The next 2018 Contact night is on APRIL 28TH. Please check back for updates.


Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer: The Science of Consciousness
Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Marilyn Gewacke discuss the science of consciousness

Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer: The Golden Craft
Dr. Marilyn Gewacke & Diane Saunders discuss the golden craft which appeared during CE-5 field work