​​​​​​​The 5th Annual Intensive Weekend Retreat


LOCATION: The Sufi Abode of the Message New Lebanon NY

FALL RETREAT:   “The Dance of the Human Heart and the Cosmic Self:  Riding the Waves of 5th Dimensional Consciousness”
We are excited to gather again in November to continue the momentum of community consciousness and cosmic connections that we created at our July intensive retreat. Our Fall retreat will include:
1-Discovering our Truths: awakening the memories of our 5D/cosmic selves, uncovering deeper aspects of our contracts & our specific missions and crystalizing our connections to our ET Star Families.
2-Exploring more in depth “human heart technology” :  learning to share more deeply our own cosmic awakenings as we dare to move into the frequency of  5D love within our community and with each other.
3- Staying Upright:  techniques for navigating the seemingly turbulent, chaotic world of the 3D while transitioning into the New Human and the New Earth.
Adventures will include:
   •        shared meals & lots of hugs
   •        meditations, yoga,  &  body alignment
   •        sound, music and movement
   •        guided community/human encounters of the 5th kind
   •        sharing techniques for groups and dyads
   •        ZaZar teachings and guided practices for 5D attunement and 
            cosmic/ET partnership
   •        Creating Portals for contact, frequency shifts and wonderment
   •        Didactic moments: providing tools to survive and thrive the     
             incoming frequency shifts
 Living through these times is no easy process, but it is clear we have ALL contracted to bring this New Energy to Earth at THIS TIME.  Let us gather in peace, love and joy to create a more solidified, fluid community that will set this new frequency on Earth and in the Cosmos.  We are having a human experience in order to do this work, but we no doubt are beautiful Cosmic Beings of unbelievable power, magnificent light/love….brimming with 5D consciousness.  
For those of you who are not familiar with ZaZar, he is a 5th dimensional ET being offering life changing guidance and multidimensional teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our mission on Earth and in the Cosmos. Marilyn Gewacke downloads, transmits and channels his profound wisdom and loving guidance.  

WHERE: The Abode of the Message, new Lebanon, NY. Located in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains on more than 400 acres, the Sufi retreat center at the Abode of the Message is on the grounds of an old Shaker community. The setting at the Abode offers a perfect background for a sacred and transformational retreat experience.

FEE: $420.00 which includes all shared indoor lodging, (doubles or quads), beautifully prepared vegetarian meals and workshop offerings for the weekend. An additional $20.00 fee, per night, for private lodging.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Beginning Friday, 11/03, registration/arrival 3-5pm, and ending Sunday, 11/05, at 4pm.

Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D.
Diane Saunders, CSW
Jennifer Westacott, RN, LMT

Phone: Diane at 518-567-7315

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