Something very exciting is happening at the Sanctuary for Evolutionary Vision. The land at the sanctuary is very sacred, filled with portals for ET contact and experiences. For the last 9 years, we have gathered as a community to meditate and follow protocols to connect with each other and higher ET beings. The experiences we have shared together have been profound and transformative awakening our cosmic codes.
We are excited to announce the opening of Elf Heart Haven cabin. This rustic retreat in the woods located in the foothills of the Berkshires on the sanctuary is available for personal retreats, meditation and fifth dimensional soaring. 
This beautiful charming cabin sleeps six and is perfect for unplugging, reflecting and soaking in the vibrations and silence of nature. Surrounded by the forest, overlooking an ever flowing stream, Elf Heart Haven's invitation to venture inward is irresistible. Let the stillness initiate the whispering of your own cosmic self as you connect with the ET beings that inhabit the sanctuary. 
Individual services are also available to enhance your inner journey at Elf Heart Haven.
These include:

Sacred alignment yoga classes
Bodywork massage and energy work
Quantum healing hypnotic regression
Crystal room meditation and healing
Channeling guidance with ZaZar, a 5th dimensional ET guide
Hot tub and sauna
Cross country skiing

The cost for one night stay is $130.00 with additional fees for three or more guests.
For more information,                    or call Diane @ 518-567-7315.