Individual Sessions

ZaZar remarkably understands each persons soul history, incarnations and important timelines relevant to your current life and mission. As you sit with him, his higher vibrational frequency and 5th dimensional energy has a remarkable way of removing blocks and debris that may hamper your cosmic/soul actualization.  
Individual  sessions take place in person or through zoom and last approximately 90 minutes, facilitating enormous soul expansion, mission clarification and frequency upgrades.

Call Diane @ 518 567 7315

Meditative Experiential Journeys with ZaZar 

Every other Wednesday night ZaZar guides a group meditation, through Zoom, taking you on a journey home to your 5th dimensional and cosmic self. 
His unconditional love and commitment to our Ascension is a true gift felt through these experiences. 
No fee

Contact Jen for the Zoom link at


The whole session carried a vibration that is more than a Discussion. It was a healing, soul alignment and clarification through discussion with ZaZar. I love how he gets you to access your own consciousness to access answers within you, then goes onto explain further. The consciousness and vibration of the session is governed by where the receivers consciousness is at. As such the session is non-invasive and guides the person to elevation through the gates of his/her own soul consciousness.
I needed clarification and answers. I received much more as the session worked as a strong healing through the vibrations of what was discussed. I felt areas of my consciousness healed through the discussion. The energy picture of where my energy picture was at, before and after the session, was completely different. As such my whole aura, consciousness vibration was uplifted to a beautiful place of peace, love and harmony.


ZaZar….incredible warmth, wisdom and humor with not a hint of pretense.There was an immediate sense of being fully known,  understood and safe. As opposed to a “reading” with information bestowed, this was a sweet but no-nonsense conversation. It included quite astounding words from a passed loved one…so clearly their being and voice present. And even more powerful, were ZaZar's insights and guidance in matters of both everyday life and greater purpose. The experience was deep and moving, and at the same time so much fun. His disarming wisdom is still unfolding, in interesting ways, months later.


​ZaZar is a 5th dimensional ET being offering life changing guidance and multidimensional teachings to enhance and illuminate the true nature of our mission on earth and in the cosmos. 
Marilyn Gewacke downloads, transmits and channels his profound wisdom and loving guidance.